Monday, March 1, 2010


A man who is arrogant & unwilling to
change will never get past his own perceptions
of what life he thinks should be.
Like clockwork events will turn (one
after another) strangers will run linear
time will regress sdrawkcab and
Life will follow patterns of illogical
fallacies. A man who is arrogantandunwilling-
tochange will never experience art,
and with art:
that we exhaustively employ to tell one
another how "one" feels (but one is always
alone or else it would be two or quite possibly
three (except for eleven which has the
company of one but both are ones and both are
really dead on the inside)) Feeling was never
about 10g!5†!c5 and the never
explain can Life's Irraticacies of arrogancy man,
or dead who and he remain will holds.
and a man who is arrogant & unwilling
to change may live as eleven, but will die as one.

A Sonnet out of Verse (like the rest of life...

portrayed so perfectly balenced well-proportioned
whatever makes the quickest buck
Still Passion exists lop-sided,
also in quick pants of normal breaths.
We do pluck plain ordinary breaths from the recesses of our mind)
is a metaphor for all that is right pure
holy in the pen in the hand blessed by the
poet in all the truth he sights.
Searching through each countless bag of infinite
bland -- diamonds in the ruff: heartache,
cheer, freedom, love, hate, death.
All which we have been through celebrations
(and of the like), tearful; Sufferings, never
more clear. Like Michael the Arch's words,
the poet's pen will strike.