Monday, April 23, 2012

A Jean Jacket Morning.

I want to be old
sitting in a coffee house
on a warm. rainy. morning.
working on crosswords
writing silly little poems in my head
that will never meet the lines of paper
across from you,
reading comic strips with
blossoming eyes
that pollinate staccato laughs
half-smiles that curl
like your hair in summer rain.

I inquire, and you ignore.
A nine-letter word for unconditional love.
A nine-letter word for
giving someone all of your attention just to witness her blessings.
Hmm, "blossoming eyes"
would make a good line.
Perfect for your look.

"Garfield ate all of John's lasagna and fell asleep in the dish,"
and you let me in.

"A five-letter word for 'a song of joy.'"